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24th-Apr-2009 05:12 pm - Springy springy spring!
I love it now it's spring and everything is green, and it's actually warm! Day off work today and with a lack of anything to do I decided to skip the gym and go for a run in the great outdoors. I drove round to Saltram (incidently where Sense and Sensibility was filmed) and ran alongside the estuary with a walking break too - I only actually ran properly for the first time last week so I'm not getting ahead of myself yet! I walked back along the higher bit, stopping to do some lunges, starjumps and push ups against a tree - much to the amusement of the cows in the field. I find it amazing there is a place like this about 1.5miles from my house, given my house is slap bang in the middle of urban Plymouth.

There was so much life out there - lots of bluebells and primroses, brand new and slightly furry leaves on the trees and lots of other flowers coming out into bloom. I also stopped to have a look at the pond and there were ducklings - awwwww!! I'm definitely going to have to head out there more often.

Haven't actually done much else. Went to Sainsbury's on the way home to pick up bagels and ended up coming out with a bikini top, cider and a DVD - argh! I'm so twitchy to spend at the moment. I ordered £90 worth of stuff on the DP website as they have a 20% thing going on, though I'm not sure how the dresses will look on so I'll prob end up sending half back. I have also finally treated myself to Torchwood series 2 on DVD so can catch up on that as I missed the last series entirely because I was off backpacking. There's still so much more I want to buy as well but I'm trying desperately to be good!!

I believe tomorrow I will have been back in the UK for exactly 1 year. Sad times :(
20th-Nov-2008 09:38 pm(no subject)
Wonder Woman
Is it wrong I've really enjoyed watching High School Musical?!?!
6th-Nov-2008 03:01 pm - All is fair in love and eBay
Polka Legs
I really need to get back to work as I'm trying so so hard to stop myself bleeding money!

I want this dress on eBay (time to start preparing for party season) but it's just shot up to £16, currently with someone who has evidently put in a maximum bid, and I'm guessing it will be just over £20. It finishes at about 4.20 this arvo and luckily not being in work I do have an opportunity to try and snipe it, I reckon I could get it for about £22 if no-one else steps in, but I'm trying to decide whether I actually want it that much. I love how eBay is like a military operation for me!

I think I'm go to try and list a few things as it's been a while, and raising a bit of cash will make me feel better about what I spent on shit DVDs last night! It's currently cheap listing so might as well, and doing now will end on Sunday arvo which usually works out well :P
1st-Nov-2008 06:53 pm - Wii?
Lost in Austen
I really want one of these. With Wii Fit. I've wanted one for a while but travelling stopped me getting one, but I am now wanting one again. I'm concerned though that it could be a very expensive whim because I am so not a gamer, I've never owned a console in my life, and I can often get bored of things easily.

It's £250 for the console with sports and the Wii Fit package, but I'm not sure if I'll need to buy any other bits. I also have absolutely no idea what other kind fof games you can get for it - all I know is games tend to be expensive!!

I don't actually have the money for it this month though so I guess that kind of takes the decision out of my hands.

This is the trouble with getting paid - I have overwhelming urges to spend!
6th-Oct-2008 08:08 pm - First Day
Surprisingly, not too bad. If I manage to get a good team of people then it might be just about tolerable for a few months.

There is such a lot of paperwork stuff to be done though, all these balance sheets and other proper stuff - argh! My brain now hurts and I only did 5 hrs in there today, with a half hour break too. I think tomorrow will be quite hardcore! I also got blisters on my heels from my new shoes :( I'll be wearing my cheapo slouchy Primani ones tomorrow instead then!

So I'm now in my hotel, had a chicken, bacon and poached egg salad with a side of cheesy garlic bread tonight. Mmm. And not forgetting the biiiig glass of wine. Yay expenses!!! Took a wee walk into the town earlier on after I left at 4 and saw a nice looking Italian place so might try that one night. I'm so tired so think will crash out pretty early tonight. Didn't sleep well last night as had a lot on my mind with this creeping up on me, and woke up at 6.10am or something equally stupid.

One thing I wish I could cover with expenses ia the internet. It was £5 for a hour (?!?!!?), £10 for a day, but £30 for the month. Seeing as how I have 7 nights here (Mon-Thur this week and next, with one night elsewhere because it's full here next Mon) with pretty much bugger all to do I thought I might as well, though it was grudgingly done. However I think I'll be watching some stuff online as I have like 3 TV channels - that's even worse than my 4 at home - I didn't think it possible!!!

Don't think I can focus on the wordy internet much longer so going to log this side of things off and watch something, ooh and indulge in the bargain Boasters I bought in Tesco :D
29th-Sep-2008 05:12 pm - Naked Episode of Torchwood!!!!
Wonder Woman
Sorry, that was just a blantant attempt to grab the attention of Torchwood fans!!

Anyway, I know there are a few Torchwood lovin' peeps on my f-list and I have a question I am hoping someone might have an answer too.

Is series 2 scheduled to be re-shown at any point soon? On a free-to-view channel? I know BBC3 I think sometimes do marathons of TV shows like this.

Basically I missed series 2 completely as it was shown whilst I was backpacking round the world, and I'd rather like to see it though can't really afford the box set of DVDs. I've been keeping an eye in the telly guide but can't say I've noticed anything Torchwoody.

If anyone has any info that'd be great, if not maybe some places where I could perhaps download the episodes as a last resort?

Thanks muchly :*
30th-Aug-2008 11:59 pm - Quasi-Friends Only...
Wonder Woman
Quasi-Friends Only?

Basically all my inane ramblings, and anything else which I have no predilection as to who reads it, will be unlocked.

Babblings pertaining to my life, etc, are pretty much all friends only to keep away the waifs and stalkers. Most of my older posts are friends only as I see no reason to change this!

I don't rule my journal with an iron fist so I'm open to friending pretty much anyone. Only criteria really are that you have at least a basic grasp of language - meaning you don't type lyk3 u ish 4 r3tard ONG!!11!ONE!!, you're not continously moaning about your poor hurt emo soul and you don't feel the need to spam my flist with memes 20 times a day.

So yeah, if that all suits and you want to friend me just add me and comment and I'll add you back :)
26th-Aug-2008 10:06 pm(no subject)
Wonder Woman
So I've finally sucked it up and filled in this online application for Jobseekers allowance. Yep, I guess I am officially dole scum now. I have pretty much run out of my own funds now, I have enough to go out this and next weekend and to pay Septembers credit card bills but then that is it. As much as I hate it it has become necessity. Plus there are these boots I really want but they're in the States and it's gonna cost a bomb to get them over. You get like £60 a week now though!!! If I'd known that I would have done it sooner! It does make me think I've been somewhat stupid not to get it before, I mean it would be several hundred pounds I could have knocked off my credit card bills - I hope I end up with some good karma for not scrounging money out of the government all this time, say, like a lottery win would be a good reward.

I have though sent a beautiful CV to Lush, complete with butterflies and flowers made out of images of Lush products. It is art! The woman has been out of the office on hols for 2 weeks, first day back today I believe so sure she's read her emails by now and I haven't received a 'No, we have nothing' email yet so maybe she's thinking of something for me! Ah, I can but wish...

Looking forward to Friday, going to be catching up with some old workmates and plan on getting v.drunk. It'll be my first proper drinking sesh since the op - woooo!

I'm more or less mended now I think. As far as I can tell the stitches have dissolved, couple of red marks but nowt icky. I also think moley is back?!!??! I'm thinking maybe they didn't take it all during the op, but some of this new thing is definitely new as it's higher up. I hope to god now the results are negative so I can just leave him be!!

Hmm I might actually read my f-list tomorrow, I'm going to do some mole research now, see if they usually move!
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