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hinkiepunk--// Girl. 26. Lives in Devon, England (pretty but miles from anywhere).

the jist--// Well I think I'm a pretty eclectic mix over all, I don't fit nicely into any particular box, but that's what keeps things interesting. I've just been travelling for 6 months and I'm feeling a confusing mix of changed and unchanged, so I'm really unsure as to what is going on right now! I also find myself lacking direction at the moment, finding my life's calling while I was away didn't quite happen!

I don't feel any pull towards any specific fandom right now so I'm probably a bit of an LJ outcast because of that. Don't get me wrong, there's lots of things I like to varying degrees, I just lack the passion of fandom. I don't really watch much TV these days anyway, free time I have is usually spent fannying about on the internet somewhere - such as whoring my wares on ebay.

I teeter quite a lot between girly and tomboy. I burp, drink whiskey, swear copiously and watch Top Gear (if I had balls I would probably scratch them) but do so while wearing dresses, obsessing over pretty shoes/earrings/clothes/etc, lusting after hot blokes and reading Heat religiously.

I'm usually quite quick witted and sarcastic especially when I'm around people I can bounce off, and my mind can be exceptionally smutty. I tend to be the person who comes up with the 'cunning plan' though mine are generally better than Baldrick's. Men in eyeliner and/or glasses do it for me espesh with dark curly hair, as do tulips but not really in the same kind of way. I also sometimes get this thing for big and/or broken noses. I hate clingy men who don't give me enough space. I'm typically a happy and bouncy person but I do have a temper lurking and can get quite agressive with it and like to throw things about. I have a phobia of teethy dinosaurs, spiders and evil clowns. Biggest peeve is people who are ignorant through choice.

This journal is Friends Only for the most part so just comment to be added, whatever your reasons may be - I'm not fussed, I just like to know who has access to my entries :)

graphics--// Loves Photoshop and downloading resources for it. Doesn't often make much due to chronic laziness. Icon/Graphics Journal = hinkicons (Please ignore the shoddy, dated and now mis-aligned layout - neglect is a terrible infliction!) Resources snagged thus far here.

credits--// Mood theme was created by viherminttu using images from the fabulous potterpuffs. Layout is with thanks to thefulcrum. Content, sadly, is all mine XD

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